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Stay Ahead in Affiliate Marketing: Proven Techniques for Top SEO/PPC Rankings and Publisher Selection

iGaming specialists at CasinoRIX sit down with Peter Jermakov, Affiliate Manager at Gypsy Partners, to discuss his journey in the industry, his approach to building successful partnerships, and the strategies he uses to stay ahead of the competition.

Yana Khaidukova on Leading the Charge at Slotegrator

Welcome to CasinoRIX’s interview with Yana Khaidukova, Managing Director at Slotegrator.  Yana’s journey is inspiring, as she managed to grow from IT outsourcing to determining Slotegrator’s business strategy a...

Exploring the Future of Crypto Payments with CoinsPaid CEO, Max Krupyshev

Introducing Max Krupyshev, Co-Founder and CEO of CoinsPaid, ready to share his insights with the CasinoRIX team. Max is here to spill the beans on how CoinsPaid became a global player in crypto payments.

Insights from James Sharman: Soccer, Broadcasting, and iGaming

Welcome to an exclusive interview with James Sharman, an experienced sports broadcaster and well-known figure in Canadian soccer reporting, brought to you by CasinoRIX.

Navigating the iGaming Galaxy: Insights from Halyna Nikitina, Affiliate Manager at 7StarsPartners

Halyna Nikitina, the Affiliate Manager of the 7StarsPartners team, recently shared insights into her role with the CasinoRIX team.