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At CasinoRIX, we are dedicated to providing detailed reviews about online casinos, allowing you to make the best decisions about where to play. We understand that finding trusted online casinos can be a real challenge to both new and seasoned players. This is because the online gambling world is now highly saturated.

Our team of professional reviewers provides essential information about specific online casinos, such as the level of security, the available selection of games, the responsiveness of customer support, and the direct experience of the users.

Our Goals

If you are looking for a review site that will put you on the right track to have the best experience when online casinos are involved, look no further. At CasinoRIX, we provide the critical information players need concerning an online casino.

Our goal at CasinoRIX is to provide you with the proper insight that will assist you in making the best decision about your choice of casino. Our extensive reviews allow you to choose the best gambling platform, which promises maximum enjoyment, security, and financial fidelity.

Our dedicated experts will assist in boosting your confidence as a player. You won’t have to worry about the security of your money or identity because you will have an array of licensed and reputable online casinos to choose from.

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    Our Expertise

    We are good at what we do and have been operating for several years. Our track record speaks perfectly about the quality of our service. We have successfully influenced several thousands of players worldwide to choose the best online casinos.

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    Our Team

    Our team of hardworking and dedicated workers is behind the successes we achieved over the years, and we are immensely grateful to every one of them.

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    Our Job

    We provide visitors with unbiased reviews and have conducted comprehensive reviews of numerous online casinos over the years. Our reviews are extensive and can be trusted.

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    Worldwide Reach

    Our Midas touch reaches across the board. We have professional reviewers all over the world that are ready to help you make informed decisions about your gambling intentions.

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Facts and History

Before our establishment, several fake online casinos ran amok in the cyberspace without anyone checking them. But this has greatly been curbed as several experts with the same vision came together to expose all these fake sites and provide innocent Canada players with detailed and necessary information about the online casinos in the country.

CasinoRIX was thus birthed in Hungary, and the mission is to give online players maximum satisfaction and enjoy their money’s worth has been ongoing ever since. We understand how important it is to provide the best analysis and trusted reviews about casinos in the country.

Since establishing this review project, we have continued to put our best in what we do. We have not hesitated to give unbiased reviews and provide trusted recommendations. Players come to us for guidance because of the services that we provide, such as:

  • Professionalism and Experience
  • Rebranding and Improvement
  • Detailed and Honest Reviews
  • Direction, Suggestions, Recommendations, and Advice
  • Market Focus for Canada

How We Review Casinos

What sets us apart from other reviewers is our honest reviews. Unlike most other reviewers, we don’t base our reviews on sentiment but on facts. We establish ours from a series of extensive research that has been carried out. We provide resources to help even new players make the best gambling decisions.

At CasinoRIX, we take our time to gather accurate facts that help us make an informed verdict about a casino. Our visitors can access all the information we have collected and use it to decide what steps to take.

Our honesty continues to bring people to us, as our track record has proven the accuracy of our reviews. Our loyal visitors can attest to the trustworthiness of information obtained from our site.

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    Trustworthy Casino Reviews

    Our team of professional reviewers provides accurate and transparent information about casinos.

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    Live Games Reviews

    Find an extensive collection of live casino games, including strategies and guides to boost your chances of winning.

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    Slot Reviews

    Browse through several collections of slots; you can also play free games on our site.

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    Bonus Reviews

    Identify the kind of bonus that suits you. There are unlimited bonuses just for your enjoyment.

About Our Team

We take pride in our professional team providing accurate and reliable information to help visitors in their gaming journey. The names of a few members of our team of expert reviewers follow.

  • Alyce Fabel
    Head of Content at CasinoRIX 3 years with us

    Alyce, a seasoned Head of Content in the online gambling sector, brings to the table over 11 years of rich, diverse experience, steering through its many nuanced facets with aplomb. Originally f...

  • Jessica Langille
    Expert Casino Reviewer at CasinoRIX 1 year with us

    Jessica is an accomplished Casino Writer hailing from Nova Scotia. Her journey into the realm of casinos commenced through the avenue of sports betting. With unwavering determination, she embark...

  • Kris Olson
    Expert Casino Reviewer & Journalist at CasinoRIX 1 year with us

    Kris, an Expert Casino Writer and Journalist from Ottawa, brings to the table over a decade of immersive experience in the casino industry. Her analyses and narratives, deeply rooted in her expa...

  • William Sarto
    PR & Marketing Specialist at CasinoRIX 2 years with us

    William Sarto, a skilled professional boasting a remarkable 15-year journey in marketing, presently shines in the online gambling sector with his adeptness in PR & Marketing. While his root...

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Responsible Gambling and Gambling Legislation


First and foremost, gamble responsibly.
Gaming is an exciting pastime but can quickly become an addiction if one is not disciplined regarding gambling. A player can quickly sink into the gambling hole, such as wagering above their means, trying to gain back what they have lost in the gamble, or not knowing when to stop even when they are winning. The effect of these usually leads to anxiety or stress, which can become very serious in the long run. If you need assistance with your gambling addiction, we recommend visiting our Responsible Gambling Page for ways to go about it.


Our team of experts is grounded in the latest gambling rules, so players are always sure to get current updates about the legislation that guides casinos, generally or individually. We, of course, also recommend licensed casinos from trusted jurisdictions worldwide. Casinos that do not meet the expected rules or legislations are always included in our list of sites to avoid.

Join our team that creates the best reviews for you!

Our goal is to be a reliable source of information for Canadian players looking for the best online casino experience. We strive to provide comprehensive and impartial assessments that cover all relevant aspects of the Canadian market.

Content Manager
2 years experience required Fully remote

We are looking for a qualified Content Manager to join our dynamic team working on the leading casino review site. As a content manager, you are responsible for creating and managing high-quality, engaging and informative online casino-related content.

Your responsibilities include researching, writing and editing reviews, collaborating with the team, and keeping website content up to date and accurate. If you are passionate about the iGaming industry, have excellent editorial skills and can work at a fast pace, we look forward to hearing from you. Join us and help provide reliable and comprehensive casino reviews to our audience.

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Ads and Publicity

If you have a product and want to reach a wide range of targeted audiences who are passionate about online casinos, look no further. We also offer our visitors the opportunity to showcase their services to gambling enthusiasts. Our review site lets you promote your brand and advertise your products and services. Several potential users and brands may be willing to patronize you or partner with you.

  • Knowledge and experience
  • Concentration on the Canadian market
  • Community involvement
  • Comprehensive investigation
  • Unbiased reviews
  • Constant development


We are always happy to receive feedback from our visitors. If you have any questions or wish to form a partnership with us, contact us using the methods provided. We are here to help you, provide answers and negotiate terms. We are just a message or call away.

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