Yana Khaidukova, Managing Director at Slotegrator
Author: Kris Olson Kris Olson, Expert Casino Reviewer & Journalist at CasinoRIX

Yana Khaidukova on Leading the Charge at Slotegrator

Welcome to CasinoRIX’s interview with Yana Khaidukova, Managing Director at Slotegrator. Yana’s journey is inspiring, as she managed to grow from IT outsourcing to determining Slotegrator’s business strategy and direction of innovation. Let’s explore her vision for the company and her thoughts on the future of iGaming.

Q: Hey Yana! It’s fantastic to have you here for our interview 🙂 How are you, and how has this year started for you?

A: Thanks for asking, I’m doing fantastic! This year has started on a high note for me and the Slotegrator team – our company has obtained the Online Gambling Permit for Software Supply from the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission (GSC). This accomplishment further strengthens Slotegrator’s position as a key player in the global iGaming market. When the year begins on such a high note, enthusiasm and ambition, inevitably, skyrocket.

Q: Tell us a bit about your professional journey. You started with IT outsourcing development companies, and your career has advanced rapidly – now you hold the position of Managing Director at Slotegrator 🙂

A: I’ve been involved in the gambling industry since 2019, starting as an Account Manager at Slotegrator. Over time, I took on more responsibilities, eventually leading both the Customer Account and Vendor Departments. Now, as Managing Director, I’m driven by my passion for the industry, constantly staying updated on the latest developments and sharing my insights with colleagues.

Q: What main areas of development is Slotegrator focusing on currently?

A: For Slotegrator, 2023 was a year of thorough research, deep insights, rethinking, and qualitative growth. During the year, the Slotegrator team visited iGaming events in key countries in its main markets (Europe, Latin America, Asia, and Africa), learned about all the new trends, and became convinced that it had chosen the right path and way of development. Cutting-edge, in-demand technologies were implemented in the company’s products and solutions. The company also reaffirmed its status as a pioneer, due to its Telegram Casino solution. This product is only becoming more and more popular due the growing popularity of mobile gambling (as well as the messaging app itself).

We had an interesting journey and passed a lot of milestones last year, and the team really enjoyed every minute of it. The Slotegrator team is convinced that the company is on the right path, and we’re determined to achieve our goals for 2024, such as enhancing the platform to include new AI options for improved convenience and safety, conducting regular market research and trend monitoring, and developing and deepening relationships with our partners. 

As Slotegrator commemorates its 12th anniversary, our dedication to pioneering innovation, nurturing expansive growth, and championing responsible gaming initiatives stands stronger than ever. Our unwavering commitment is underscored by our relentless pursuit of strategic collaborations and our ongoing mission to redefine the landscape of the iGaming industry.

Q: Are there any exciting plans on the horizon for Slotegrator in 2024 that you can give us a sneak peek of?

A: In 2024, our primary focus will be on elevating the brands of both our new and established clients. We are committed to assisting them in reaching new pinnacles of success by introducing tailored solutions crafted to address their unique challenges and circumstances. Our aim is to empower them to surpass their goals, ensuring that each client receives bespoke solutions that facilitate industry-leading achievements.

In pursuit of this objective, we publish case studies of our most successful clients and deepen our understanding of responsible gambling practices and regulatory frameworks. Through initiatives like Slotegrator Academy, we spread educational resources to our audience.

Furthermore, our expansion efforts in Latin America and Asia will continue, complemented by sharing informative articles and partner interviews, proactive trend forecasting, and ongoing refinement of our innovative product suite. We eagerly anticipate the opportunities and challenges that 2024 will bring, and we are poised to embrace them with enthusiasm and dedication.

Q: From your perspective, which markets will be the most profitable for the upcoming year?

A: We are continuing to develop in the European market, and looking to conquer the Latin American and Asian markets. The prospects are huge and the local interest in betting and gambling is growing by the hour, not the day. We are convinced that there is still a lot to learn about these markets, and we look forward to learning it. 

Q: What is your perspective on the future of iGaming?

A: In my opinion, the future of iGaming appears incredibly promising and dynamic. The industry is constantly evolving, driven by technological advancements, shifting consumer preferences, and regulatory developments. We’re witnessing a growing emphasis on responsible gambling practices, regulatory compliance, and sustainability, indicating a maturing and socially responsible sector. 

Additionally, the rise of mobile gaming, virtual reality, and augmented reality technologies is reshaping the gaming experience, offering more immersive and interactive opportunities for players. Moreover, the increasing legalization and acceptance of online gambling in various jurisdictions around the world are opening up new markets and fostering innovation. Overall, I believe the future of iGaming holds immense potential for growth, innovation, and positive societal impact.

Q: Which technologies do you see as standards in the industry? 

A: There are a few technologies which are absolutely standard in the iGaming industry. 

Here’s a quick list:

  • A random number generator (RNG) mechanism.
  • An up-to-date CRM system.
  • A variety of secure and reliable payment methods.
  • An advanced CMS platform.
  • A robust anti-fraud solution.
  • DDOS defence development.
  • Mobile adoption.
  • AI-integrated solutions.
  • Expertise in developing turnkey solutions for customers.

These technologies have become standard fixtures in the gambling industry, empowering operators to deliver high-quality gaming experiences while meeting regulatory requirements and ensuring player safety and security.

Q: What trends do you think will make the biggest impact on the gambling industry in 2024?

A: AI and blockchain are already being used extensively in our industry, and the trend is to unlock more of the potential of these technologies in our industry. Online casinos continue to use AI to enhance security, personalize player experiences, and promote responsible gaming. AI also provides market insights, SEO improvement, and affiliate traffic analysis. Game and software providers already use AI in their products and solutions.

The blockchain technology trend has produced a range of tools and mechanics that are growing in popularity, facilitating operators’ work, and making a huge impact on the iGaming industry. 

Q: We’re curious – has AI found its way into Slotegrator in any shape or form? Any specific AI projects you’re excited about?

A: Last year, Slotegrator presented its turnkey solution: we offer operators the opportunity to launch their own casino effortlessly and affordably. Through our unified API, casino builder, and bonus modules designed for gamified promotions, as well as Artificial BI module reporting tools, operators have access to everything they need for a successful online casino venture. 

Furthermore, AI technologies can swiftly identify threats and issue alerts far more rapidly than human capabilities allow, thus greatly enhancing risk management. The integration of ChatGPT means there’s always a source of advice on how to increase a project’s income, as well as other issues.

This year we continue to distribute the implementation of solutions to our current and new customers for the growth of their business.

Q: And a few personal questions – I know you have a background in linguistics and are proficient in Chinese. Do you use this in your work? 🙂

A: Yes, it’s true. I graduated from Minsk State Linguistic University with a Bachelor’s degree, and also from Southeast University, where I studied Chinese Language and Literature from 2014 to 2015. 

My experience living in Asia helps me understand both the culture and the unspoken rules of doing business, making it easier to collaborate with partners and clients. Our Asian partners definitely appreciate my knowledge of foreign languages — it helps me show that we really understand their priorities.

Q: So, do you indulge in a bit of casino gaming or sports betting yourself? If you do, what’s been your most exciting win so far?

A: We all need to have some fun sometimes! Plus there’s no better way to get a better understanding of what our partners and clients are looking for. Putting yourself in the players’ shoes, experiencing the thrills, and seeing how the game unfolds helps you see what kind of experience the players expect — a great thing to keep in mind when designing our solutions. 

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