How to get a gaming license in Isle of Man 2024
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How to get a gaming license in Isle of Man 2024

In this article, we go through what an Isle of Man gaming license is, what benefits it provides to operators, and how to obtain the license. It’s an honest review of what operators should expect while looking to become legitimate online gambling sites. An Isle of Man license or other quality licenses are essential for any online gambling business that strives to be successful. Here’s what you should know.

History of online gambling in Isle of Man

The Isle of Man gaming license is able to offer online gambling licenses in a variety of jurisdictions. Isle of Man itself is a British Crown Dependency that’s in between England and Ireland. Due to the low-tax and the fact it’s not governed by British law, it has its own gambling regulatory body. Island of Man has made themselves one of the leading jurisdictions based on their location, regulation, and administration with online casinos.

The Isle of Man gambling license has a controlling body, the Gambling Supervision Commission, which was established in 1962. It was originally established as an independent land-based gambling operation regulator. However, with the exponential growth of online casinos, it is also responsible for online gambling activities as well. This commission was one of the first to regulate online gambling in 2001 when it issued the Online Gambling Regulation Act 2001. This was designed to protect players while also supporting operators of online casino sites.

An Isle of Man gambling license is regulated by the commission, encouraging a successful iGaming business that adheres to anti-laundering and anti-crime, youth protection, and fair gaming services to players. It’s the commission that processes the applications for a gambling license, managed registration of any software and licensees.

The gambling license Isle of Man is open and welcoming to the gambling industry but the Commission standards are strict. They focus on fair and responsible gambling. While there are strict requirements when it comes to regulations, this is what keeps the Isle of Man gambling license credible to players. If you’re curious about how to get casino license you can always refer to our go-through articles.

Why should you get a gambling license in the Isle of Man?

Firstly, an Isle of Man gaming license offers an easy, efficient tax framework. It’s also a simple application, which is a benefit to those who are just starting up. It’s business friendly and startups will get help from the highly skilled workforce that supports online casinos at their infancy. There’s only one license to apply, which covers gaming and gambling activities. There are documents that need to be submitted but a corporate service provider can help with everything.

An Isle of Man gambling license allows the usage of digital assets and varying currencies. This includes cryptocurrencies. It also covers all the necessary iGaming assets that make an online casino alluring to players. Isle of Man gambling license offers a turnkey operation that’s beneficial for those new in the business. This includes:

  • casino games icon Casino games
  • poker icon Slots
  • poker icon Poker
  • bingo icon Bingo
  • live dealer icon Live dealer games
  • sportsbook icon Sportsbooks
  • esports icon Esports betting
  • lotteries icon Lotteries

What happens if you operate without a license?

In most cases, operating an online casino without a license is illegal. It can lead to penalties like fines or even prison. For example, Belgium will punish unlicensed casinos with fines of up to €800,000 or prison for up to five years. The UK considers unlicensed gambling as a criminal offense that can lead to prison time and massive fines. The website in question will be blocked so it can never run again.

Beyond the legal ramifications, your activities on a casino site that’s unlicensed will be limited. Any of the top game providers and financial institutions won’t have anything to do with an unlicensed operator. It puts them at risk of losing their licenses. Without a good range of games and payments, an online casino isn’t going to thrive.

Most unlicensed gambling sites are going to be shut down without question. The reputation in the gambling industry is the main focus as it’s often scrutinized. To have a successful online casino, it’s important to build trust. No player is going to choose an unlicensed online casino instead of a legitimate site that’s proven itself. Without a license, you won’t be able to prove that you’re credible or reliable so your business will flounder and you may have to deal with heavy fines or a criminal record. For all these reasons, operating without a license doesn’t make much sense if you’re looking to succeed in the online casino industry.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of getting a license in Isle of Man

There are pros and cons to obtaining a Gambling license Isle of Man offers. Here are a few of the important aspects of the license you can obtain through Isle of Man:

Advantages of an Isle of Man Gambling License Advantages of an Isle of Man Gambling License
  • Exceptional Infrastructure

    The infrastructure in the Isle of Man is exceptional so the phone and internet is lightning fast. Local companies in the Isle of man can help you with all your needs and are English speakers. They are educated and experienced in the iGaming sector and because they are local hires, costs can be kept low.

  • Competitive Fiscal Framework

    The corporate tax rate for an online casino that’s incorporated in the Isle of Man is 0%. However, a gaming tax has to be paid from the gross yield of 0.1% to 1.5% as opposed to being taxed on the total turnover. When you hold an Isle of Man gambling licensed, you benefit from a zero capital gains tax.

  • Excellent Reputation in the Industry

    One of the most important things as an operator is to have credibility otherwise players won’t sign up. The Isle of Man gambling license and the regulator are considered highly reputable in the industry. They have a reputation for enforcing the highest standards and making sure that operators offer players a safe, fair service. The Isle of Man is on the OECD White List, which gives them even further credibility.

    The Isle of Man has an excellent image as being one of the best jurisdictions for online gambling. Additional gaming products like marketing and software can be hosted within the Isle of Man territory and carried out here. This means there’s no need for extra licenses.

  • Simple Application Process

    Unlike some licenses and jurisdictions, the application process is quite simple. There’s only one license to apply for, which covers gambling activities within the Isle of Man jurisdiction. It takes between 3-4 months once all the proper documents have been submitted.

  • Stable Jurisdiction

    The Isle of Man is a stable jurisdiction with economic stability. Online gambling is a major part of their gross domestic product. The Isle of Man is unlikely to make major changes to the industry because it’s become dependent on it. An operator that uses an Isle of Man gaming license that the environment is stable and supportive of the iGaming industry.

Disadvantages of a Gambling License in the Isle of Man Disadvantages of a Gambling License in the Isle of Man
  • Isle of Man Gaming License Cost

    Probably one of the biggest disadvantages is the Isle of Man gaming license cost. It’s more than others with an annual fee that is higher than other jurisdictions. However, the cost varies depending on the operator’s needs. The Isle of Man is a jurisdiction that’s connected to the UK so it’s possible to list your product on the UK stock market. This is perhaps where the higher price point can come in handy.

  • Strict Guidelines

    Having a Gaming license in the Isle of Man means adhering to strict guidelines. This is a benefit but also a hindrance for those who want free range. Whatever license you have to operate with is going to have their own sets and standards with the Isle of Man having some of the strictest. That means no lack of transparency and responsible gambling tools that don’t allow problematic gamblers to continue playing. This may not suit some operator’s agenda for their online gambling platform. There are other options when it comes to gambling licenses that CasinoRIX experts can help you out with.

How do you get an Isle of Man gaming license?

How do you get an Isle of Man gaming license

Gambling license Isle of Man applicants need to demonstrate transparency and credibility. Each person and company that has a connection to the application will go through a background check. This includes legal and financial due diligence checks. More information may be required during the application process. You will be required to expose your business model including terms and conditions of contracts, internal system control, player registration, and other aspects of your online casino. It takes between 10 to 12 weeks for the application to be processed. It can take a little longer if the application isn’t completed with the information required.

Here’s a list of documents applicants need based on Isle of Man licensing laws:

  • Business plan in full detail;
  • A list of the games that will be offered;
  • A third-party RNG certificate;
  • Description of the software and tech system testing report you’ll be using;
  • Confirmation of the RNG application;
  • Description of your target market;
  • Proof that the servers are located in the Isle of Man;
  • Bank references;
  • Confirmation of no criminal record. A certificate that’s been issued within the last 3 months;
  • Notarized copy of identification like a passport;
  • Utility bills.

Who issues Isle of Man sublicenses?

Who Issues Isle of Man Sublicenses

Operators that have full licenses can issue sublicenses out to operators that are just moving into the gambling industry. The sublicenses cost the holder with the full license £5,000 for each such partnership. It’s a good option for someone that has a database of potential players but doesn’t have their own gambling products.
A sublicense binds you to the holder of the full license by an exclusive agreement. If you have a registered sub license usually has an expiry date of five years. While you have a sub license, you can apply for your own full license and become independent.

Types of Isle of Man Gambling Licenses

Isle of Man gambling licenses vary, covering all the types of online gambling an operator could want. This is based on business models and objectives. There’s the options of you having your own gaming content or only databases of potential customers. Online casinos are given a 5 year license but this can be revoked at any time if terms are violated. Here are the different gambling license options:

Full License

This is the main OGRA license that operates B2C. You’re able to register your own players and store data. You can also offer other operators a White Label Solution for a platform, providing a platform, content, and business solutions. They must adhere to the requirements of the Isle of Man requirements. License holders are able to partner up with other operators and offer games and software. You’re not responsible for the operator and their legal activities but can offer a sub-license from the Commission. Full license holders can be connected to a number of sub-licensees for an additional fee with each partnership. This full license covers a gauntlet of activity including:

  • B2C operation;
  • Ability to collect and store player’s data;
  • Operation of the platform and games;
  • Access to partner up with a number of sub-licensees and offer White Label solutions.


Operators who are new to the gambling industry but want to enter the market to establish an online casino could benefit from a sub-license. This license is a great option for companies who have a database of potential players but don’t have gambling products of their own.

They are granted with a reduced fee and are connected to a licensee who has a full license. You have to make an exclusive agreement with them. As a sub-licensee, your players have access to games and software of the full license holder. Fees are much lower and it gives you an opportunity to make a name in the online casino world. Here are the benefits:

  • B2C operation;
  • Lower fee;
  • Ability to collect and store player data;
  • Opportunity to partner with a full licensee;
  • Access to all of the games and software the full licensee has.

Network Services License

This license offers the same rights as the full OGRA license. The difference is that those with the network service license can additionally accept players that are registered with online casinos in other jurisdictions. Players don’t have to register or go through the KYC check again and player data is easily, securely migrated to the server in Isle of man.

However, the chosen partner would have to comply with the KYC check. There are no prescribed contract terms but you do have to commit to offering fair, legit online casino services. There’s no fee for adding partner operators to your network. Also, this Isle of Man gaming license gives more opportunity to reach different markets on a more global scale. It is available for:

  • B2C operation;
  • B2B software supplier license;
  • The ability to collect and store player data;
  • Operate with your own technology;
  • Ability to partner up with a number of sub-licensees and offer White Label solutions;
  • Software Supplier License.

It’s not necessary to have a software supplier license in order to offer software from an Isle of Man licensee. There are benefits though as it looks good for any online iGaming platform’s reputation. There are two kinds of licenses, one for FIAT online casinos and one for those who provide blockchain-based software providers.

The Procedure for Obtaining Isle of Man Licences for New Operators

There are some standard steps to take when it comes to getting an Isle of Man gaming license. Here’s what you need to do:

  • ltd icon
    Open Ltd

    Open a Company Limited by Shares (Ltd), which has to be regulated by the Companies Act 2006.

  • ssl icon
    Check encryption

    Have your security protocols on your platform in place including SSL-encryption security, AML, and KYC policies.

  • docs icon
    Prepare documents

    Hand in all the documents including a business plan and source of funds you’ll use to operate the casino. Other necessary documentation include proof of no criminal record, and notarized copies of passports with any parties involved in the online casino.

  • envelope icon
    Send application

    Once all documents are prepared, forward your Isle of Man gambling application.

  • fees icon
    Pay the bills

    Pay the necessary application fees.

Requirements to get an Isle of Man Gaming License in 2024

Requirements to get an Isle of Man Gaming License in 2024

To obtain an Isle of Man gambling license, there are certain requirements that need to be met based on the Online Gambling Regulations Act 2001 (OGRA):

  • Your company needs to be incorporated in the Isle of Man.
  • There must be two resident Directors representing the company.
  • There needs to be a Designated Official or Operations Manager and they have to be an Isle of Man resident.
  • B2C licensees will need to register their players on servers in the Isle of Man.
  • An application fee of £5,250 must be paid and all application forms must be completed.
  • B2C licensees must be able to protect player funds.
  • All games, RNGs, and gambling systems must be certified by registered third party authorities like eCogra.
  • Anyone involved in your company will be subject to Due Diligence obligations.
  • You must comply with all policies to protect players, follow codes, and the anti-money laundering policy. If you don’t, your license can be revoked.

Documents that are Necessary for Company Registration

Documents needed for company registration include:

  • A detailed business plan
  • Descriptions of casino games that will be offered
  • Third-party RNG certificate
  • Description of the software being used
  • Description of Technical System Testing report
  • Information on the target market you’re aiming for
  • Proof that your servers are located in the Isle of Man
  • Proof of no criminal record
  • Notarized copies of photo ID
  • Banking information
  • Utility bills to prove residency

Taxes, Fees, and Cost of Isle of Man Gambling Licence

Here is the Isle of Man gaming license list, including the costs for applying and various license options and their cost.

License by type Cost
Application fee £5,250
Full license £36,750 p.a.
Cost of each new partnership with a sub-license £5,250 p.a.
Sublicense fee £5,250 p.a.
Network License £52,500 p.a.
Standard fiat platform suppliers £36,750 p.a.
Token/blockchain-enabled platform suppliers £52,500 p.a.

How Long Does it Take to Get a Isle of Man Gambling License

How Long Does it Take to Get a Isle of Man Gambling License

Once you’ve handed in your application, it can take between 10 to 12 weeks to process. If you haven’t correctly completed the application, it can take longer. This is one of the negatives when it comes to the Isle of Man gaming license. You will also want to consider the amount of time it will take to get all of the paperwork in order. This can take awhile as you have to collect documents and notarize copies. So while the licensing process takes up to 3 months, there’s a lot to prepare for the application.

Statistics and Facts about Isle of Man Gaming License

  • All license types are valid for five years and will need to be renewed once it’s expired.

  • An Isle of Man gaming license is beneficial for those who want to list on the UK stock exchange.

  • Works to create and enforce a “regulatory umbrella” that protects gamblers and license holders.

  • The Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission was created in 1962.

  • Acts as an intermediary in the case of disputes between players and operators.

The Rules for Switching to New Licences for Existing Operators

There’s a few things you’ll need to do if you want to switch licenses as an existing operator. This includes:

license icon Add or remove licence activities accordingly
fees icon Pay the new fee, whether it’s higher or lower
reorganise team icon Management and other key people in the business need to be removed
reorganise games icon Add or remove trading games as needed
domain icon Add or remove the domain names for online casino sites


For operators that are looking to create a reputable site that players feel safe at, the Gambling license Isle of Man offers is a good option. There are numerous advantages if you’re looking to have a solid, legitimate online casino. The rules are strict but this is what makes the Isle of Man gambling license so trustworthy. The Isle of Man gaming license cost is high if you’re looking to have a full license or network license. However, the sub-license could be a good option for newcomers to the industry. The Isle of Man gaming license is one of the most respected licenses to have in the industry, allowing you as an operator to obtain the best games and payment options for players. If you’re looking to build a quality site that’s trustworthy, transparent, and fair, the Isle of Man gambling license is a prime option.


FAQ banner

  • Are there challenges when it comes to getting an Isle of Man gambling license?

    Yes, there are some challenges that come with the Isle of Man gaming license. Probably the most challenging part is the strict requirements that an operator has to abide by. The regulatory process can take some time and the Isle of Man gambling license cost can be quite high due to business administration and other considerations.

  • Is it possible for an online gambling company to be owned by a non-resident of the Isle of Man?

    Yes, it’s possible to own a company in the Isle of Man even if you’re not a resident. There are no limitations on the nationality of the owner and shareholders. There will need to be some locals included in the company but it’s not necessary for them to be the owner.

  • Is a gambling company in the Isle of Man audited?

    Yes, gambling companies out of the Isle of Man are subject to audits and are closely monitored by the Gambling Supervision Commission (GSC). The GSC does regular audits and inspections to make sure that those who are licensed in the Isle of Man are complying with the law, regulations, and licensing conditions. The Isle of Man gaming license is strict so audits are even more heavy than other licensors.

  • Does the Isle of Man gambling license have measures to prevent things like money laundering and terrorism financing?

    Yes, with most gambling licenses, there are regulations that are put in place to prevent money laundering and financing or terrorism. This is through the AML and CFT legislation.

    The Gambling Supervision Commission supervises the Isle of Man gambling compliance with the AML and CFT regulations. This is done through initiatives like assessing the risk of money laundering and terrorism financing with any online gambling activities. It is closely monitored by the standards of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF). This is why the KYC (Know Your Customer) procedures are put in place for gamblers who sign up at online gambling sites.

  • What taxes will an operator pay for having an Isle of Man gaming license?

    If you have an online gambling company in the Isle of Man, there are a variety of taxes that have to be paid. This includes corporate and other gambling activity-related taxes. Expect to pay a betting duty along with VAT. Generally, gambling services are exempt from VAT in the Isle of Man but there are some VAT costs depending on certain gambling activities. It’s complex and personalized for each gambling site depending on the activities. An operator has to contribute to social insurance along with administrative taxes and license fees.

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