How To Get A Gaming License in Curacao 2024
Author: Alyce Fabel Alyce Fabel, Head of Content at CasinoRIX

How To Get A Gaming License in Curacao 2024

Curacao Gaming licenses are a prime choice for casino operators who want to launch into the online gambling market. Every online casino must have a license from a regulatory body to operate legally in Canada and other countries around the world. The license is also proof to customers that the gambling platform meets compliance standards, showing them that they can trust the service. 

Every entrepreneur planning to enter the world of online gambling should understand the process of obtaining a casino license. This page will cover what operators should know about applying for and getting approved for a Curacao Gaming license. We’ll also break down how to get Curacao gaming license and why you should consider it for your gambling site. Keep reading to find out more.

History of Online Gambling in Curacao

The history of Curacao Gaming goes all the way back to 1993 when online gambling was legalized. From there, this island has become the ideal spot for international gambling operators to launch their platforms. Many of the most trusted online casinos in Canada hold a Curacao license. After all, the Curacao government has created a very welcoming atmosphere for offshore operators to do business. Interested in learning more about Curacao Gaming’s evolution? Here are some key moments through the regulatory body’s history.
  • first act icon


    The first legislation for regulating online gambling was created in Curacao.

  • creation icon


    Curacao Gaming license was created to issue licenses and monitor online gambling operators that receive them.

  • regulation icon


    Curacao Gaming officially became the nation’s regulatory body of gambling.

  • casino icon


    Curacao Internet Gaming Association launched to ensure gambling operators followed the code of conduct.

  • worldwide icon


    Curacao Gaming began issuing sublicenses to international operators.

Why Should You Get A Gambling License in Curacao

A casino license is a mandatory requirement for any online casino or sportsbook that wants to enter the Canadian market. The gambling industry can be a very profitable venture for entrepreneurs who take the right approach. But, why should operators apply for a Curacao Gaming license? Here are some of the main reasons.

  • reputation icon

    reputation icon Casino reputation

    There are thousands of online casinos on the market, so every serious brand needs to take steps to build a good reputation in the industry. Not having a casino license can break your reputation. However, obtaining a Curacao license shows visitors that the site is legitimate.

  • game selection icon

    game selection icon Better game selection

    Casino operators rely on partnerships from software developers to grow their brand. After all, the more games an online casino can provide, the more customers it will attract. But, many of the leading software providers (NetEnt, BGaming, 3Oaks, YGGDRASIL, etc) will only partner with licensed gambling sites.

  • safe payments icon

    safe payments icon Secure payment providers

    Similar to software providers, many payment providers will only work with licensed gambling sites. Securing these partnerships are essential because customers cannot use an online casino if they are unable to make a transaction.

  • legit icon

    legit icon Proof of legitimacy

    In order to obtain a valid Curacao license, online casinos go through a strict and timely process. These sites are also monitored and must comply with specific security standards and codes of conduct.

What Happens If You Operate Without a License?

Unfortunately, there are still unregistered casinos operating in Canada without a license. For casino operators, this isn’t the route to take. Sure, it may seem like an easy way to make money quickly. Obtaining a license does have fees and takes time. But, operating an online casino without a license can have some very serious consequences.

On the lighter side of this scenario, unlicensed casinos miss out on opportunities. They won’t be able to partner with leading providers, which limits their selection of games, tournaments, and events and restricts their ability to provide bonus offers that attract players. This can affect its potential to attract new customers.

However, there are much more serious consequences that could arise. A casino operator’s reputation is ruined once it’s discovered that they’re operating without a license. The operator can close the casino and open a new one, but it will be too late. The damage has already been done, and customers won’t trust them.

Unlicensed casinos could also face legal problems. If they are busted operating in a regulated region without a license, then there will be hefty fines to pay. There’s also a high chance that the casino will be forced to shut down. In some cases, illegal casino operators could also face time in prison.

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Advantages & Disadvantages of Getting a License in Curacao

Before you apply for a Curacao license, it’s important to understand what is a gaming license and why it’s crucial for operating a gambling site. The Curacao Gambling license is recognized in Canada and other parts of the world. It’s one of the top options to consider when entering the online gambling market. But before you decide on which license is right for your casino brand, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons.

Advantages Advantages
  • Over 25 years of experience in the industry.

  • Operators can apply for one license to cover all online gambling activity. This includes online slots, live dealer games, instant scratch cards, sports betting lines, and more.

  • The approval process for a license is a lot faster than other authorities. Most casinos receive their Curacao license within 1 to 2 months of submitting all required documents.

  • Operators have more options to develop their casino brands without additional costs.

  • It is a very straightforward and hassle-free application process. Curacao Gaming is transparent about all required documentation and information to get approved.

  • Curacao has a lower tax rate for gambling than other jurisdictions. There is a 2% tax rate for net profits.

  • Many 5-star online casino ratings with Curacao license. Gamblers trust casinos that meet Curacao gaming license requirements.

Disadvantages Disadvantages
  • Curacao Gaming license cost is high compared to other jurisdictions. Licensing fees can add up to around 60,000 EUR per year. However, the costs do vary depending on what special features and additions casinos use. Start-up operators may be able to get a Curacao license price that’s lower than other jurisdictions.

  • Specific markets are off-limits for Curacao-licensed casinos. This license isn’t recognized in the US or UK. However, casinos can apply for additional licenses to operate in these regions.

How Do You Get A Curacao Gaming License?

The Procedure for Obtaining Curacao Gambling Licenses for New Operators

Online casinos can apply for a gaming license through the Curacao Gaming Control Board. One of the advantages of Curacao Gaming is that the license approval process is quick and straightforward. However, this is only the case if the applicant submits all of the necessary documents. If any mistakes are made or information is missing, it will slow down the process.

Before entrepreneurs apply to be on the Curacao Gaming license list, they should become familiar with the license conditions posted on CGCB. This includes fees, security protocols, player registration requirements, application software, terms and conditions, and other key requirements.

When entrepreneurs are ready to apply for a Curacao license, they can visit the CGCB portal and scroll to the ‘Online Gaming License Application Forms’ section. There are three application forms that operators must download and fill out. This includes: Online Gaming Application Form, Personal History Disclosure Form, and Corporate and Business Information Form.

All of the forms must be filled out digitally. Operators can do this using Acrobat Reader. Any handwritten applications that are submitted will automatically be rejected.

Operators can register with Curacao Gaming to access the portal. Once the application forms are filled out, they can submit them on the portal. For any questions, reach out to support at [email protected].

Who Issues Curacao Sublicense?

Sublicenses are issued by the Curacao Gaming Control Board. An established operator that already holds a valid Curacao Gaming master license can grant sublicenses on any other gambling platform they launch.

However, casino operators can also apply for a Curacao sublicense without the master license. This is a great option for start-up companies or operators who plan to launch only one site. Basically, the casino brand will have all of the same privileges as operators with a master license, with the exception of being able to issue licenses.

Types of Curacao Gambling Licenses

We keep mentioning that applying for a gaming license through Curacao is very straightforward. Here is one of the main reasons why: there are no categories. One license fits all gambling activity. This means that one license can be used for online slots, sports betting, live casinos, and all other legal gambling activity online.

This gives B2B businesses the opportunity to operate various types of betting platforms. They can also sell an API included into the Curacao license casino.

The Procedure for Obtaining Curacao Gambling Licenses for New Operators

Any operator that meets the requirements for a Curacao gambling license will be able to apply for one. Although the process is very straightforward, it’s important to have all the documents ready so you can meet the requirements. According to the experts at CasinoRIX, these are the steps to get licensed by Curacao Gaming.
  • casino icon

    Launch a gambling business in Curacao

    Online entrepreneurs can launch a digital business in Curacao. They will need to host the gambling site on a server in Curacao and complete all the necessary frameworks to start an international business. The business needs to be a B.V. or N.V. to obtain the license.

  • docs submit icon

    Put together all of the documents to submit

    There are three online application forms that must be downloaded and filled out to be submitted. Operators will also be required to upload other documents, which we will discuss in more detail in the next section.

  • application icon

    Submit the applications

    The applications can be submitted directly online through the Curacao Gaming Control Board portal. Operators will have to register for an account to complete this step.

  • fee icon

    Pay the application fee

    License applications are for serious applicants only. All registrants will be required to pay a €5,000 application fee.

  • processing icon

    Wait for processing

    The average processing time takes 4 to 8 weeks if the applicant has submitted all the correct documents. If anything is missing or filled out incorrectly, it could slow down the process.

  • get license icon

    Receive the Curacao gaming license

    Eligible applicants will be approved for the Curacao gaming license. Once you have access to this license, you will be able to launch your online casino or sportsbook officially.

Requirements to Get a Curacao Gaming License in 2024

Requirements to Get a Curacao Gaming License in 2024

Getting approved is actually easy as long as you meet the Curacao gambling license requirements. It’s more than just launching an appealing gambling site and waiting on a license. Operators must check several boxes and have proof to confirm they meet the requirements.

Before applying, operators must have the casino platform ready as well as a business plan. They will also need to have KYC (Know Your Customer) ready. This proves that all casino accounts are verified, and minors cannot access the gambling services.

Along with the business, the business owner will also be up for review. They must comply with conduct and submit a criminal record report, which will only be approved if the owner doesn’t have a criminal history. The registrant will also have a conduct interview after the documents have been submitted. Before anyone can be approved, the CGCB needs proof of the person’s identity, where they are from, how they will finance the operation, and their intent for operating the gambling platform.

Documents Necessary for Company Registration

Along with the three applications mentioned above, documents need to be submitted. Before you submit any documents to CGCB, you need to ensure they are in English and not older than 90 days. If any documents are in a different language, applicants must use certified English translations. Below are the documents that every registrant will need to submit:

  • Applicant’s cover letter and resume
  • Certified copies of passport (including photo and signature)
  • Original or certified copy of a utility bill in your name
  • Banker’s reference (applicant must have at least two years with the bank)
  • Police clearance certificate
  • Letter of reference from an accountant or lawyer (professional relationship must exceed 2 years)
  • Proof of domain ownership
  • Copies of the gambling site’s terms and conditions, responsible gambling policy, and KYC
  • Copy of software agreement
  • Proof of third-party certification for RNG (random number generator) in games

Taxes, Fees, and Cost of Curacao Gambling License

Taxes, Fees, and Cost of Curacao Gambling License

The Curacao jurisdiction is one of the fastest for processing gaming license applications. We can’t stress enough how important it is to make sure all of the correct information is submitted. On average, it can take 4 to 8 weeks for the Curacao Gaming license application to finish processing and approval. If everything is in line, then most operators will receive their license within a 6-week waiting period. However, one mistake could stall the entire process.

The application will not be processed until it has been correctly completed. We highly recommend that you fill out all of the documents from an application on your PC. Try to avoid using a web browser to fill them out because if anything interrupts your connection or the page freezes, you could lose information. Instead, fill out the documents using an app, such as Acrobat Reader, and then upload them to the CGCB portal.

It’s also a good idea to review all of the terms and conditions listed on the CGCB website. Take your time reading these and make sure you understand what’s expected before you gather the documents required for the application.

How Long Does It Take to Get a Curacao Gambling License

The Curacao jurisdiction is one of the fastest for processing gaming license applications. We can’t stress enough how important it is to make sure all of the correct information is submitted. On average, it can take 4 to 8 weeks for the Curacao Gaming license application to finish processing and approval. If everything is in line, then most operators will receive their license within a 6-week waiting period. However, one mistake could stall the entire process.

The application will not be processed until it has been correctly completed. We highly recommend that you fill out all of the documents from an application on your PC. Try to avoid using a web browser to fill them out because if anything interrupts your connection or the page freezes, you could lose information. Instead, fill out the documents using an app, such as Acrobat Reader, and then upload them to the CGCB portal.

It’s also a good idea to review all of the terms and conditions listed on the CGCB website. Take your time reading these and make sure you understand what’s expected before you gather the documents required for the application.

Statistics and Facts About Curacao Gambling License

Statistics and Facts About Curacao Gambling License

In our experience, many of the best online casinos hold a Curacao Gaming license. This is a reputable authority that makes it easier for operators to obtain a license. Before we wrap things up, we wanted to share some interesting facts and statistics with readers.

  • Curacao Gaming Control Board is located in Willemstad, Curacao.

  • All master licenses are issued directly from the government.

  • Licensed casinos will have a badge on the website that visitors can click to confirm the platform has a real Curacao online casino license.

  • Curacao used to operate under the Dutch government. Now, it operates independently.

  • Curacao online casinos bring in an average annual revenue of €700 million to €1.5 billion.

The Rules For Switching to New Licenses for Existing Operators

New regulations came into effect under Curacao Gaming in September 2023. Any operator with an old license is required to sign-up for a new license within an 18-month period. They will have until May 2025 to complete this. However, the time period for sublicense holders wasn’t as gracious. All sublicense holders were required to submit a new application by March 2024.


This wraps up our guide on how to register Curacao license in 2024. This is one of the top choice gambling licenses for operators to consider for several key reasons. The application process is fast and generally hassle-free. The Curacao online gambling license cost and taxes are affordable compared to other jurisdictions. For example, taxes in Curacao are only 2%, while they are 5% for Malta Gaming Authority casinos.

Having a Curacao Gaming license comes with its fair share of benefits for casino operators. This license opens up the potential to form more client relationships with software providers and payment providers that would refuse to work with unlicensed gambling platforms. The more games, payment options, and promotions available on a site, the more customers will be attracted to it. We also can’t forget to mention that holding a Curacao Gaming license will help your casino brand establish a good reputation with online gamblers.

Curacao Gaming License FAQ

Curacao Gaming License FAQ

We hope that we covered everything you wanted to know about Curacao casino licenses in this article. However, we know you probably have more questions. Below, you can find detailed answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we may have missed during this article.

  • What is Curacao license and why should casino operators choose it?

    The main appeal of obtaining Curacao license is that it’s not complicated. One license will cover all gambling activity, from classic slots to live sports betting events. Another reason this license is more attractive than other jurisdictions is that it’s more affordable to maintain. There are lower licensing fees and taxes than the other regulatory bodies. As long as operators fully understand what’s expected of them, receiving a Curacao license is hassle-free.

  • Can I trust online casinos with a Curacao Gaming license?

    Online casinos that have a Curacao Gaming license often have a good reputation and are known to be credible. Players can trust that these casinos verify all accounts, use RNG for all games, and have high levels of security. These are held to high standards and must meet code of conduct to keep the license. If they are caught participating in illegal activity, their licenses could be put in jeopardy.

  • How can I verify that an online casino has a Curacao Gaming license?

    The easiest way to check if a gambling site has a legitimate Curacao license is to look for the CGCB logo. It’s typically placed at the footer of the casino website. Visitors can click this link to be directed to a page with all the details on the license. However, always keep in mind that it’s not mandatory for gambling sites to post this badge. Some will simply list the licensing details on the footer or another area of the website. You can check if the license number listed on the casino is valid on the Curacao Gaming website.

  • Can Curacao Gaming revoke an online casino’s license?

    Yes, an online casino could lose its Curacao license if it does not follow regulations. There are specific laws that every licensed operator must act in according to. If the operator fails to meet standards or breaks any gambling laws, it could face legal troubles, fines, and license loss. This includes operating in an area that’s not regulated under Curacao without an additional license for that region.

  • Is the Curacao Gaming license a good choice for start-up businesses?

    Curacao sublicenses are a good choice for start-up businesses. Many new operators are testing out the gambling market. For some of these operators, it will be a financially rewarding journey. Unfortunately, it may not be the right move for others. Since the Curacao gambling license price is low-cost compared to other jurisdictions, it’s less of a gamble if something doesn’t go right. The terms and conditions are also very straightforward, making it easy for new business operators to understand what’s expected.

  • Are there only four Curacao Gaming master license holders?

    Originally, there were only four Curacao Gaming master license holders. These were Antillephone N.V., Cyberluck Curacao N.V., Curacao Interactive Licensing N.V., and Gaming Curacao. However, smaller enterprises have emerged in the gambling market and obtained this license. Before the new regulations came into place in 2023, the four master license holders were the only ones to issue sublicenses. Now, operators can apply directly to the CGCB to receive a sublicense and launch their online gambling platform.

  • Does Curacao Gaming have a bad reputation in the gambling industry?

    Curacao Gaming doesn’t have a bad reputation. For the most part, it has a very positive reputation in the gambling industry. However, compared to other jurisdictions, it doesn’t have as strong of requirements for responsible gaming practices. This doesn’t mean that casinos with a Curacao license don’t provide resources or tools for responsible gambling. But, it does mean that the regulatory body isn’t taking strict action against licensed sites that don’t provide these options.

  • Where can I find the best Curacao-licensed casinos in Canada?

    Canadians can use CasinoRIX to find the best Curacao-licensed casinos online. This platform’s experts have tested and reviewed a variety of legitimate casinos across the nation. We have compiled a list of the best gambling sites and provided detailed reviews to help readers make informed decisions.

  • Should I choose Curacao-licensed casinos over other jurisdictions?

    Curacao-licensed casinos are highly recommended by the CasinoRIX experts. However, it’s important to choose a casino site based on game selection and features. These sites are designed for entertainment purposes, so the #1 goal is to make sure you’re entertained. As long as the online casino holds a valid license from a reputable authority, you can enjoy playing at it. However, we always recommend checking out reviews first to ensure the online casino meets your expectations.

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