How To Get A Gaming License in Malta 2024
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How To Get A Gaming License in Malta 2024

Malta is one of the premier regulatory bodies from which to obtain a casino license. This is basically the stamp of approval that shows visitors the online casino meets the highest standards. Not only does this license attract more customers, but it also brings on more opportunities to expand the casino’s offerings.

If you’re planning to launch an online casino, one of the first things you need to consider is getting a license. There are several authorities that provide licenses to international casinos, which allow them to operate in Canada and other places around the world. Malta has consistently stood out as one of the best because it offers a higher degree of benefits for operators and the people who use the casino sites.

On this page, the CasinoRIX experts will guide you through the process of applying for a Malta gaming license. We will discuss the requirements for obtaining this license, why it’s worth it, and everything else you should know to be approved for the license.

History of Online Gambling in Malta

Malta’s history with online gambling goes back to the early 2000s. This jurisdiction was one of the early pioneers in creating a legal framework for gambling. Malta Gaming Authority was officially established in 2001 for online casinos, digital sportsbooks, and land-based casinos. The regulatory body is responsible for issuing licenses, as well as renewing and cancelling them.

Throughout the years, Malta has established itself as one of the leading regulatory bodies for iGaming license Malta. When gamblers see the Malta license logo, they know they can trust the gambling platform to be fair and secure.

Recently, the Malta Gaming Authority made history again as being the first jurisdiction to legislate crypto and blockchain. Along with this, they have also created the framework for incorporating cryptocurrency among platforms that are already licensed by MGA. This has been the beginning of many online casinos and sportsbooks adding crypto options to their platforms.

Why Should You Get a Gambling License in Malta?

Every gambling operator who wants to get ahead in the industry needs to obtain a license. You browse our article on what a gambling license is and get to know the variety of gaming licenses available across the world. Obtaining the license is not only a crucial step for attracting customers, but it’s also necessary for growing the brand. Let’s take a look at some of the main reasons why you should get gambling license Malta.

  • reputation icon

    reputation icon Build trust immediately

    As soon as players see the Malta logo, they will have peace of mind that the gambling site follows strict standards. They will trust that the website is secure and the games are fair.

  • safe payments icon

    safe payments icon Proof of player protection

    There are strict protocols that Malta casinos have to follow. These are essential for player protection. All MGA sites must have responsible gambling practices, fair games, and provide data privacy.

  • fair play icon

    fair play icon Fair casino games

    One of the main perks of having a valid MGA license is that visitors will know all of the games adhere to specific standards. They don’t have to worry about RTPs being lowered or rigged games.

  • game selection icon

    game selection icon Better game selection

    Many leading software providers will only partner with licensed casino sites. Malta Gaming casinos are able to connect with the most popular providers, allowing them to have some of the best game selections.

  • payment icon

    payment icon More payment options

    Several payment providers are only going to partner with licensed casinos. MGA licenses will open up opportunities for more banking options to host on the site.

  • legit icon

    legit icon Legal framework

    By having a valid license, it shows that the casino operates within a specific jurisdiction. If the casino doesn’t follow the codes of conduct, there will be legal consequences.

What Happens If You Operate Without a License?

Unfortunately, players still run the risk of coming across online casinos without a license. Operating without a license is never a good idea for casino operators. If you were thinking about skipping the licensing process or even launching your site before your application is officially approved, you might want to give it a second thought.

There are several consequences that operators face if they decide to launch without a license. To start off, software providers and payment providers won’t want to partner with the gambling site. This limits the amount of options you can have and also prevents people from wanting to join the casino.

When customers discover that the casino is operating without a license, it can do serious damage to the operator’s reputation. They will make a name for themselves in the industry as untrustworthy. Even if they close the unlicensed casino and open a new one, the damage is already done to their company.

Those were just the minor consequences of operating without a license. There can be much more serious problems coming your way. Unlicensed casinos could be subject to hefty fines. They also run the risk of having the casino permanently closed and in some cases, the operator could face jail time.

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Advantages & Disadvantages of Getting a License in Malta

The best Canadian casinos for real money have a Malta iGaming license. There are several advantages to choosing a Malta online casino license, but it may not be the right choice for your brand. Let’s review the pros and cons of choosing MGA to help you make your decision.

Advantages Advantages
  • Highly respected

    All operators go through extensive and thorough checks to ensure they meet the standards for the Malta gambling license. This license is proof that the gambling site is honest, fair, and following gambling laws.

  • Tax benefits

    Malta has a tax imputation system in place that allows shareholders to receive credit. This provides them with an amount that’s equivalent to tax paid on profits that dividends were paid for.

  • Global market

    Platforms with an online casino license Malta are able to access a wide range of jurisdictions. This opens up the gambling platform’s market opportunities and allows it to reach more customers in countries listed under the Malta gaming license.

  • Adaptable atmosphere

    Since MGA launched, it has been successful at staying strong in the economy. The innovative authority stays up-to-date with technology, finances, and other key requirements.

  • More platform options

    There is a high number of talent within Malta’s gaming sector. This provides casinos the opportunity to find top-choice options for software, hardware, and service providers. They can also land more affiliate and marketing partnerships to attract visitors.

Disadvantages Disadvantages
  • Less marketing flexibility

    There are very strict rules that all Malta licensed casinos must abide by with advertising. This can affect promotions and other events that casinos may want to host to attract customers.

  • High cost

    The best can come at a price. Operators are required to meet issued capital costs. These can be more expensive than other jurisdictions.

  • Very high standards

    It’s not as easy for all gambling operators to obtain a Malta Gaming Authority license. There is a very strict system review for all applicants. One small violation can result in an application being rejected.

  • UK restricted

    MGA casinos are under a strict regulatory framework and cannot accept players from the UK.

How Do You Get a Malta Gaming License?

The Procedure of Obtaining Malta Licenses for New Operators

Casino operators can apply for getting a license directly via the official Malta Gaming Authority licensee portal. Applications can also be found directly on this platform. There are application options for the following types of operations:

  • B2C Licenses
  • B2B Licenses
  • Permits
  • Individuals
  • Recognition Notes
  • Audit Service Provider Approvals

When you choose the type of license you want, there will be several types that you can apply for. For example, if an operator needs to apply for a B2C license, they will have the option to apply for remote gaming services, land-based casinos, commercial bingo halls, controlled gaming premises, and national lottery licenses.

We recommend reviewing the useful links on MGA, such as the FAQ page, to familiarize yourself with what’s expected before filing an application. This is very important because one mistake could prevent your application from being approved.

Who Issues Malta Sublicenses?

There are several types of Malta licenses for the gambling industry. All of them are issued by the Malta Gaming Authority. This organization is responsible for monitoring all gambling activity in the jurisdiction, whether it’s slot machines at a local pub or a popular online casino site. Its duty is to ensure that every licensed operator is in compliance with the standards and regulations.

The Gambling Act states all of the regulations. This ensures that all gambling activities follow a singular law and are regulated by one authority.

Types of Malta Gambling Licenses

There are various types of gambling licenses available through Malta. The two main types are B2C and B2B licenses. A B2C license is for businesses that intend to supply services directly to customers. As in, one online casino platform that provides games and tournaments to members who register an account. The B2B licenses are for businesses that offer to other companies. This would be one operator who would supply services to multiple online casinos or sportsbooks.

With the B2C license, there are four classes. A class 1 license allows casino operators to host games and lottery events at their own risk. The class 2 license is for fixed-odds games and online sports betting. Class 3 is for peer-to-peer games, like Bingo, poker, betting pools, etc. It also allows advertising. The last one is class 4, also called remote gaming license Malta, which enables the operator to host and manage remote gaming operations.

The Procedure of Obtaining Malta Licenses for New Operators

The CasinoRIX team believes that the online gambling license Malta is one of the best options a gambling operation should consider. If you believe this is the right path for your business, it’s important that you have everything prepared and know what to expect throughout the process. Let’s quickly review some of the important things you should know about the procedure of getting a gambling license Malta.
  • fintest icon

    Fit and Proper Test

    All applicants must pass the Fit and Proper test to MGA’s standards. This test evaluates many aspects of the business to ensure it has a reliable strategy and has the potential to stay in business amongst the competition.

  • business plan icon

    Business Plan

    The operation’s business plan will also be evaluated. Various aspects of this plan will be reviewed, such as marketing strategies, targets, games offered, technical assistance, and other key areas.

  • finevaluation icon

    Financial Evaluation

    A casino operator must be able to prove they have the funds to back up the business. The financial analysis must go hand-in-hand with business plan in order to support it.

  • check icon

    Background Check

    The owner of the operation must pass due diligence tests. They are required to submit several documents and must have a clean background.

  • review icon

    System Review

    There will be a system review and live audit of the gambling platform before a license can be issued. During this audit, the site will be closely monitored to make sure everything is in line with the business plan.

Requirements to Get a Malta Gaming License in 2024

Requirements to Get a Malta Gaming License in 2024

Malta-licensed casinos undergo a very strict review before passing the test. Several requirements must be met, or else the license application will be rejected. As mentioned above, operators will need to have a business plan, financial records, and a clean background check.

Below, we’ll review all of the documents you need to provide to receive a Malta gambling license. It’s crucial that you supply all of the correct documentation and information in your application. This will prevent any hassles that could delay the process.

Documents Necessary For Company Registration

When you’re ready to apply for a Malta license, you can do so directly from the MGA website in the licensee portal. Before you begin, you must ensure you have digital copies of all the required documents. These can all be uploaded directly with your application, making things easy on your end. Below are all of the documents you will need to provide. Please note that during your application review, MGA may request further documents:

  • Business plan
  • Police good conduct certificate (no older than three months)
  • Bank references (no older than three months)
  • Copy of owner’s passport
  • Compliance and software audit
  • Passed Fit and Proper test
  • Gaming software details
  • Third-party agreements

Taxes, Fees, and Costs of Malta Gambling License

Taxes, Fees, and Cost of Malta Gambling License

The Malta gambling license cost is higher than other jurisdictions. For this reason, it’s only recommended that serious applicants apply. The exact Malta gaming license cost per year will vary because each casino operator has different needs from the next. However, there are some fees that every operator should prepare for. This includes the application fee, start-up fees, annual license fees, and taxes.

The license application fee is €5,000 and non-refundable. If your application is rejected, you will not get the money back. Operators must pay annual licensing fees to keep the MGA license. For classes 1, 2, and 3, there is a €25,000 fee, and for class 4, it’s €10,000. For more information on the Malta online gambling license cost for your operation, you will need to reach out to the support team at [email protected].

How Long Does It Take to Get a Malta Gaming License?

Malta Gaming Authority is very thorough with the application review. They need to make sure every box is checked before they can approve a gambling platform. For this reason, it’s not a speedy process. On average, it can take around 12 to 16 weeks for an application to be approved. And this is if everything went smoothly. If anything is missing or incorrect, operators can expect a lengthier wait.

Once an operator is approved and issued a Malta Gaming Authority license, it can take between 60 and 90 days to go live. While this is a long process, it’s well with it. An MGA license is valid for ten years as long as the casino follows the code of conduct and pays the fees and taxes.

Statistics and Facts About Malta Gaming Licenses

Statistics and Facts About Malta Gambling License

There’s no better license for an online casino to have than Malta. Seasoned gamblers look for this stamp of approval when they’re searching for a new gambling site to play on. Throughout this article, we’ve mentioned the various reasons why Malta is the #1 casino license to apply for. Before we wrap up, we wanted to leave you with some interesting facts about the Malta Gaming Authority.

  • The MGA’s mission is to ensure all casinos under its jurisdiction are transparent, fair, and secure.

  • The authority’s vision for world-class gambling has led them to authorize casinos that dominate the gaming sector.

  • Malta Gaming Authority portfolio features around 450 licenses.

  • MGA is partnered with over 280 businesses.

  • MGA employs over 10,000+ people worldwide, offering remote working opportunities and ongoing training, among many other perks.

  • MGA made roughly €810.7 million in profits in 2023 from the boost of online gaming popularity.

The Rules for Switching to New License For Existing Operators

You don’t have to be a new casino operator to apply for a Malta license. An online casino platform that is currently operating with a different valid license can make the switch. However, it’s important to know that the casino operation will have to go through the same applicant process as new operators to receive a Malta license. This includes paying the fee, submitting all documents, and waiting for the 12 to 16-week period.

Once the license has been approved, the casino operator will be able to plan the migration of their current license to MGA. This will include the migration of all services and members’ accounts.


This wraps up our guide on getting a Malta Gaming license in 2024. This is one of the top licenses that gambling site operators should consider. They have a very thorough application and review process that ensures only the highest-quality platforms get approved. If your online casino is licensed by MGA, it shows potential customers that they can expect the best in line for gambling entertainment. It will also open up opportunities for your operation to partner with leading software developers and payment processors. This can give your casino site an edge and create an experience customers will remember.

However, before you apply for a Malta Gaming license, you should be aware of the requirements. This is a very strict and lengthy process, and one mistake could prevent you from getting the license, or at least add more time to the wait. It’s important that you carefully review what’s expected so you can have everything prepared for approval.


Malta Gaming License FAQ

We hope we covered everything you wanted to know about applying for a Malta Gaming license in 2024. Our experts believe that Malta’s standards set this license apart from other jurisdictions. We highly recommend that our readers look to Malta sites for the highest quality in gambling entertainment. Interested in learning more about Malta licenses and the casino industry? Check out the most frequently asked questions and answers below.

  • Should Canadians trust Malta-licensed casinos?

    Our experts would highly recommend Malta casino sites to Canadians. These are the most trustworthy gambling platforms that you can use in 2024. Each site with this license has been closely monitored to ensure it follows all gambling laws, provides fair games, and offers a high level of security. Not to mention, these casinos also feature some of the most exciting online slots and casino games with bonus features designed to help players win big.

  • Why should casino operators apply for a Malta license?

    Casino operators should apply for a Malta license as proof that they offer the highest quality gambling platforms. These licenses are only provided to top-tier sites. Gamblers can trust the service if your online casino holds a valid MGA license. They will know that the site has reliable security to keep their data protected and payments secure.

  • Does Malta Gaming have a good reputation in the online casino industry?

    Malta Gaming Authority has an excellent reputation in the online casino industry. It has reached global success due to its high standards. Businesses within the industry aspire to become licensees, and customers trust the platforms that are licensed by them. They are widely recognized for licensing safe and innovative online casinos that are making waves across the industry.

  • Should new casino operators apply for a Malta license?

    The Malta gaming license is typically preferred for experienced operators. However, that doesn’t mean new operators shouldn’t consider it as an option. If you are able to meet all of the requirements and have the finances to back up your business, then a new casino operator could be considered for approval. For new operators, it’s critical to have a very detailed business plan on the forecast of operations. We would only recommend new operators apply for an MGA license if they are 100% serious about fostering a long-term online casino business.

  • Can casinos with Malta casino license operate in Ontario?

    Malta Gaming casinos can operate throughout Canada, including Ontario. However, there is one catch: In order for any Malta casino to provide services in Ontario, it must apply for an AGCO (Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario) license in addition to the Malta license. AGCO is responsible for regulating all gambling activity within Ontario.

  • Where can I find the best Malta online casinos?

    There are many amazing Malta Gaming online casinos in Canada. We suggest checking out casino reviews on different Malta sites to find one that interests you. Each MGA site offers a different selection of games, tournaments, promotions, and other events that players look forward to. The team at CasinoRIX has provided detailed reviews of various Malta casinos that we’ve selected for your entertainment.

  • What should casino operators expect after submitting a Malta Gaming Authority license application?

    After an application is submitted, the operator will need to wait for MGA to conduct its review. This begins with the Fit and Proper test to see if the casino is suitable for a license. Next, they will review the business plans and finances. If everything is in accordance, they will conduct a due diligence check. Once all of the requirements above are met, the MGA will perform a system review and compliance audit. Casinos that meet all regulation requirements and pay the fees will be issued a licence. MGA may contact you if any more information is required on your behalf.

  • What happens if I need to correct my Malta Gaming license application?

    There may be cases when a mistake was made on the application or with a document. MGA will not immediately reject an application due to an error. However, this will slow down the evaluation process. If a mistake is detected, a professional from MGA will notify the applicant. The applicant will then be responsible for logging in to the MGA licensee portal and making the required changes. Once everything is corrected, they can resubmit the application to continue the review process.

  • Is there customer support for the Malta Gaming Authority?

    If you have any questions about the application, always reach out to customer support. There are two ways that people can send their inquiries to the MGA support team. They can fill out a contact form directly on the MGA website or send an email to [email protected]. We strongly urge operators to reach out about anything they are unsure about when collecting information for their application. Asking a question now could prevent a delay in your application later, allowing you to receive the license sooner.

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