Interview with Alexandr Kosohov, Gamzix
Author: Kris Olson Kris Olson, Expert Casino Reviewer & Journalist at CasinoRIX

Exclusive Interview with Alexandr Kosohov, CEO of Gamzix

Meet Alexandr Kosohov, the visionary CEO of Gamzix. In March 2020, his entrepreneurial spirit materialized into Gamzix, a manifestation of his dream for a fresh and flexible gaming experience. In this exclusive CasinoRIX interview, Aleksandr shares insights into his professional trajectory, the intricacies of the iGaming market, and the captivating story behind the rise of Gamzix.

Q: Tell us about your journey, when and how did the idea to create Gamzix came about?

A: I started my career in iGaming 10 years ago. Year by year, I was growing and developing in this field. And creating my own company had become a logical continuation of working in the industry. I had decided to play at high stakes and was rewarded for sticking to my dream. Of course, having a professional background gave me a huge boost. And, in March 2020, Gamzix officially became my biggest achievement. Now, looking back at the path that was taken, I see the results that show me I’m moving in the right direction.

Q: What are the main issues you are currently dealing with in the company?

A: From day 1 of Gamzix’s existence, I knew that my main role in the company would be to create a space for comfortable and successful work. And my team was, is, and will be my TOP priority. Why? I know that a company can’t reach any goal without great specialists who are united with the same goal and motivated to do their best on the professional path. I can’t do everything by myself, which is why I have to understand people’s needs, satisfy them, and be the leader they want to work with. It might sound like a “fun” part, but in reality, it takes a lot of effort to make Gamzix a place where people want to stay, especially when a team grows so fast.

Q: What sets Gamzix apart from its competitors?

A: What sets us apart is undoubtedly our product — games with mechanics that are currently in trend, innovative marketing tools, and features for acquisition and retention of players. We thrive on diversity, ensuring that each player discovers something unique within our portfolio.

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Olympus of Luck slot by Gamzix

Solutions that we use to stand out are:

  • Tournaments. Gamzix has implemented additional bonuses for players in the form of local and network tournaments with Money prizes and Free Spins. The operator doesn’t need this tool built in, because we provide it all from our side.
  • Achievements. It is a unique Gamzix feature. When a player unlocks an achievement, free spins, free rounds, or bonus game are awarded. Achievements are fully customizable and have different mechanics.
  • Branded games. Gamzix offers customized branding of games for casinos.

Q: We definitely need to mention the high level of your marketing and PR. Do you have a background in this, or is it the work of your professional team?

A: I’m sure that the marketing team will be happy to hear this because we all put a lot of effort into this line of business. I absolutely trust my team and am happy to be a part of their activities if needed. Here are 3 rules that help us grow our company’s recognition:

  • We focus on analyzing market trends and their proper implementation in the company’s brand. 
  • We always look for new ways to make the company stand out. 
  • We rely on creating and developing the personal brand of our team members. 

As you can see, all these methods bear its fruits.

Q: Help our readers to discover the world of game creation – where do you get ideas, and how do you approach the process from concept to implementation?

A: The initial phase involves research. This includes monitoring the market, studying the behavior and preferences of players within our games, and conducting statistical analyses. Most likely, we’ll have a lot of ideas based on this information, but one of the keys to success is to choose 1-2 and focus completely on it/them. But keep in mind all the good ones and come back to them later. 

Next, we create a technical task and develop the visual and mathematical components of the slot. We also carry out back-end game development and testing.

After that, we conduct a final slot review and gather feedback from all team members about the game and finally — promote the game using all B2C and B2B marketing tools, aiming to make the release popular both online and offline.

Hold the Spin Mechanics Gamzix

Q: I can’t help but ask about the new trend in AI technology. Are you already using it in your work, and if so, how?

A: I think making new technologies a part of the working process is a fun part. Every department in Gamzix uses it for their own necessities. Personally, I do it too. Mostly while creating documents, because it makes the process of dealing with monotonous tasks fast and clear.

Q: What are Gamzix’s plans for the next 3 years? 

A: 3 years is a long period of time, so I’ll share our ambitious goals. 

  • Firstly, work on the quality of the games, so even the simplest player’s choice would grab instant attention. Create and release games that will be popular among players on a global level. We want to expand our portfolio with a bigger amount of new plots, mechanics, qualified design, and recognizable characters. 
  • The goal is also to improve the quality of our B2B service and create a product that will simplify the casino’s work in attracting and retaining players.
  • Be available in all countries and continents. So, the nearest future is about getting access to markets in Latin America and Africa.
  • As we attend many offline events and iGaming exhibitions, like SiGMA, ICE, we will continue this journey with consistency. More new partners, knowledge, and recognition among leaders — this is one of the priorities.

We are also in the process of obtaining MGA and local European market licenses.
I am very excited about what comes next!

Q: Now, a few personal questions 🙂 I know that you professionally engage in racing, and you are the Drift champion of Ukraine of 2019 and 2021. How long have you been involved in this sport, and is it your only hobby?

A: I’ve been drifting for 7 years. This year I even participated in the European Championship, but everything started less impressively: drifting in the parking area with used tires we bought for the price of a can of beer. Drifting is my main hobby, but it’s not the only one. 

I’m a motorhead guy and love everything that goes with an engine (but not an electric one). So, on weekends, you can also find me in the forest driving my enduro bike or atv. As much as I like my good old hobbies, I love to try new activities like skydiving, wakeboarding, and driving Formula cars. Oh, I can talk all day long about this, so please, stop me!

Q: Does sports help in your business?

A: For sure! I’m involved in business 24/7, and the sport is my psychologist. It helps to distract from all issues and problems. Also, sport teaches me a systematic approach: You can’t win a championship without preparation and training. The same methodology I’m using in business.

Q: Tell us about your work schedule and how you spend your weekends.

A: I don’t have a schedule because every day is a working day. I feel comfortable with this routine and don’t need to divide my work from my personal life. Sometimes I spend weekends reading books during the flight from another expo or meeting. Or shredding my drift car/enduro bike and doing sports.

Q: Do you enjoy playing in a casino yourself? If yes, what is your favorite game, and what was your biggest win?

A: I’m a fan of classic 3×3 fruit slots with additional features. My biggest win was nearly 2-3k EUR, and I’m the best casino player because I never withdraw the money. For me, gambling is about having fun, not making money.

Q: Share your personal plans for the future, what goals do you set for yourself?

A: Develop a company at least x2 each year. 
Win the European Drift Championship. 
Support Ukraine, donate more, and see the day when we win.

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