Nadin Sidorenkova, Head of Recruitment at Art2Hire
Author: Kris Olson Kris Olson, Expert Casino Reviewer & Journalist at CasinoRIX

Talent, Training, and Transformation: A Conversation with Nadin Sidorenkova, Head of Recruitment at Art2Hire

Welcome to CasinoRIX Interview, where today we have the privilege of speaking with Nadin Sidorenkova, the Head of Recruitment at Art2Hire, boasting nearly two decades of diverse experience. Nadin’s mission centers around collaboration and cooperation, with a proven track record as an IT Recruiter across global markets and tech stacks. Her love for startups, combined with her proficiency in HR and corporate training, reflects a multifaceted approach to talent acquisition and development.

Q: Hello Nadin! Tell us more about what you do in the company and the tasks you handle.

A: Hey! Our agency has a startup spirit so I’m currently wearing multiple hats 🙂 Starting from lead generation and client acquisition, full-cycle recruitment and managing one of the best recruitment teams 🙂 

Q: As far as we know, you are involved in recruiting for the entire IT industry, specializing in the iGaming sector. Are there any particularities in this field?

A: Yes, that’s right! We have been operating as an agency for more than 7 years now and our major expertise lies within the IT industry. Recent years brought us new opportunities cooperating with the iGaming sector and it has become one of our main focus. We are hiring all levels and specialists, based on the need our client has. So, by today we have huge pipelines from different markets and professionals: SMM, Product, Performance Marketing, Media Buying, Business Operations, COO, CEO, support. etc.

Q: Who are your main clients: casinos, slots providers, affiliates, payment providers, or platforms?

A: Frankly speaking, we have ongoing cooperation with all of the mentioned companies. That gives us an opportunity to have a better understanding of the whole business model, specifics, pains, problems and needs of each partner and to provide a better personalised solution. We deepen and extend our expertise with every new request and every new client. We have a better hiring picture of the whole market which makes us more competitive. Companies often come to us just to get an overview of what’s going on on the market and how to become more attractive for the potential candidates as the demand for high calibre specialists is really high.

Q: What are your primary channels for sourcing new candidates?

A: Well, everything depends on the role we are hiring for. C-level is usually closed through existing networks and “rumor mill” / references. We have candidates whom we already hired for more than one company within their career. 

Speaking about sr. level specialists and leads/heads – LinkedIn and target Telegram channels stay the major source of the relevant candidates.

Q: From which countries do you mostly hire people, or does it depend on the specific company’s requirements?

A: Sure, it depends on the requirements. We are hiring almost worldwide with the focus on EU/nonEU and Ukrainian markets. 

Unfortunately, sometimes the blocker for hiring an experienced English-speaking candidate is that the rest of the team doesn’t speak the language well enough to ensure the high level of communication on a daily basis. This significantly narrows down the candidate funnel and, in some ways, limits the opportunity to leverage the best practices of other companies.

Q: Which positions in iGaming are the most challenging to fill, and why?

A: The iGaming industry market is growing and changing very rapidly, especially in the last few years. Speaking about today, I would name the position of a media buyer as one of the most challenging vacancies to fill.

One of the reasons is that, in general, the demand for these specialists (such as Google Ads, UAC, Facebook) exceeds the supply of candidates actively seeking new projects. On the other hand, companies make every effort to retain existing employees, as they understand that hiring new talent would be much “costlier.” Moreover, the requirements for these specialists are quite high, and the percentage of rejections after interviews is significant.

Also, it is worth mentioning the increasing DDoS attacks / click fraud. Many of our clients want to hire professionals who have significant experience in solving such issues. The cost of hiring a mistake is very high in this case, as the success of the business depends on it.

Q: Can you provide insights into the criteria a company should meet to be a desired place to work for?

A: That’s an interesting question 🙂 

As always, everything here is very individual. It depends on the specialist in question, their seniority level, the market we are hiring for, and so on. I wouldn’t generalize because I like to approach each request and person individually 🙂 However, there are still some key points that can be highlighted. Based on feedback from candidates we interact with, I would emphasize the following.  

Almost a hundred percent of people mention that it is important for them to work on interesting tasks within their expertise with the opportunity for professional development. Everyone is interested in increasing their significance and market value (new markets, larger budgets, vertical growth).  

The company’s image matters. Candidates inquire about reviews they can find online, and a significant amount of negativity can be a reason for rejection even before inviting someone for an interview, just by knowing the company’s name. On the other hand, a name associated with positive employee and user reviews is undoubtedly an advantage 🙂 So, my advice to the companies would be not to neglect feedback and actively engage with and work on the employer brand.

The Team. The success of any business always depends on the people who choose the strategy and implement it into reality. The opportunity to be part of a strong team, united by common goals and proactively demonstrating themselves along the way, is valuable for any professional. I have noticed that candidates increasingly mention the phrase “toxic environment” during interviews. Obviously, it is important for companies to take care of their personnel and provide a comfortable atmosphere with high-quality open communication within the team.

The last to mention but not the least – compensation. All candidates without exception are interested in how the motivation system is structured within the company. The more interesting and extensive it is, the more attractive the job offer will be. Analyzing the competitors’ market and choosing the best practices can be helpful in this regard.

Q: After the COVID-19 the trend of remote work has significantly increased. Is this trend continuing now?

A: Well, from the side of the candidates – yes, they value the possibility of hybrid or better remote work. Speaking about companies we may observe the slight tendency to bring employees back to the office. However, the number of such cases is not critical.

Q: In your experience, what was the highest salary offered to a candidate, and what position was it for? 🙂

A: $18 000 / monthly + bonuses CEO to one UA gambling startup 🙂

Q: What do employees value the most in their workplaces?

A: Freedom of choice, growth opportunities, flexibility in business approaches, challenges, high-quality communication, transparency, initiative, trust, fair compensation package.

Q: Is there seasonality in the HR field, and during which periods do people most frequently change jobs?

A: I would say yes – certain times of the year may see increased activity in job changes and hiring. For example, the beginning of the year and early fall are common periods for job changes and hiring in many industries. 

Speaking about iGaming we should also take into account major events such as industry conferences or expos that may serve as catalysts for job changes and exploring new opportunities, or changing of the market trends and regulations, etc. 

Q: What top 3 pieces of advice would you give to people looking for a new company?

A: 1. Explore. Be aware of the company’s reputation and legitimacy, its values, mission and attitude.

2. Always adjust your CV according to the position you are applying and pay attention to the “key” words you are using. Make it short, results-focused.

3. Get prepared for the interview. Try to emphasize how specifically your expertise and experience can help the company to relieve its pain and achieve desired business results.

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