Footy Prime Podcast: Your Ultimate Show for Football
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Footy Prime Podcast: Your Ultimate Show for Football

Footy Prime Podcast is a must-watch show for football lovers in each corner of the world. It provides in-depth analysis and exploration of the sport and its cultural significance across continents. The crew hosting the show offers individual perspectives and high-energy banter to inform and entertain fans about the latest developments in soccer.  

What are the Main Topics?

Footy Prime predominantly focuses on football, featuring various leagues, games, players, coaches, and cultural phenomena. But the show’s uniqueness is not only in its analysis of match outcomes or player performances. The show keeps viewers entertained throughout each episode with a pleasant mix of information and provocative and humorous commentary. 

Where to Watch the Podcast?

You can watch Footy Prime by visiting the official website of the podcast or listen to it on Spotify. If you have an iOS smartphone, you can visit Apple Podcasts and enjoy the show. Episodes are released weekly, and the length of the recordings varies but usually lasts 30-50 minutes. 

Viewers and listeners can learn more about the world of Footy Prime through X, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Here, they can find highlights of the show and connect with a global audience.

Who are the Hosts? 

The Footy Prime Podcast, which Tonybet sponsors, brings together interesting people with professional football and commentary backgrounds. Here’s the team you can see in every episode of the show. 

Craig Forrest

Craig is a former professional goalkeeper who played in the English league for teams like Ipswich Town, Chelsea, and West Ham United. After retiring from his playing career, he started working as a sports analyst and has frequently been involved as a broadcaster for the Canadian men’s team. In the Footy Prime podcast, he shares his insights and knowledge as the presenter and producer of the show. 

James Sharman

With over 20 years of experience, James Sharman has a long history of covering Canadian football. Being the showrunner in popular shows such as The Footy Show and Rogers Sportsnet, he has covered national and international football and has interviewed some of the most famous footballers. Sharman is also known for his efforts to promote the sport in Canada, something he continues to do in the podcast. 

Jim Brennan

As a former professional player, Jim Brennan spent his career in the Canadian and English leagues. With clubs like Southampton, Nottingham Forest and Toronto FC on his resume, he played 49 international games for the Canadian National team, with whom he clinched the 2000 CONCACAF Gold Cup title. In 2015, he was honoured by being included in the Canada Soccer Hall of Fame. In the podcast, Jim shares stories from his long career and gives his commentary on current events. 

Amy Walsh

Few women in football have had such a long career as Amy Walsh, who represented the Canadian Women’s team an impressive 102 times. During this time, she participated in 2 World Cups and attended the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Like Jim Brennan, she was honoured with her inclusion in the Canadian Soccer Hall of Fame. After retiring from her active career, she went on to become a reporter and analyst for various channels while also taking on an advisory role at CF Montreal. Walsh hosts the show once every two weeks, joined by former teammates. 

Daniel Wong

Award-winning producer Daniel Wong has worked across various platforms, including radio, TV, and digital content. Though not as well-versed in sports as the other crew members, Wong provides a unique touch to the podcast, where he is active behind and in front of the cameras. 

Jeff Cole

Serving as the show’s voice-over, editor, and producer, Jeff Cole makes sure that each episode is clear and maintains the high standards that viewers have come to expect. Besides the Footy Prime Podcast, he is involved in other shows that revolve around cuisine and entertainment. 

Why is Footy Prime Such a Gem for Football Fans?

Blending humour and analysis, the Footy Prime podcast benefits from the diverse and experienced crew involved. The team’s various backgrounds allow them to offer various perspectives and expertise in all layers of the sport. 

The show’s consistent airing schedule ensures that the topics are always relevant and the episodes are easily available on all popular platforms. Covering everything in football and beyond, fans can be sure to hear something new with every episode. 

Furthermore, the podcast promotes a sense of community and adventure, which invites viewers to enjoy the football journey and feel connected to the show and its team.

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