Peter Jermakov, Affiliate Manager at Gypsy Partners
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Stay Ahead in Affiliate Marketing: Proven Techniques for Top SEO/PPC Rankings and Publisher Selection

iGaming specialists at CasinoRIX sit down with Peter Jermakov, Affiliate Manager at Gypsy Partners, to discuss his journey in the industry, his approach to building successful partnerships, and the strategies he uses to stay ahead of the competition. With a background in business development, management, and marketing, Peter brings a unique perspective to the world of affiliate management. In this interview, he shares his insights on what makes a successful affiliate manager, how to find the best partners, and how to stay competitive in the dynamic iGaming market.

Q: How did you choose to become involved in IGAMING?

A: Frankly, IGAMING chose me! Over the years I secured my position in the dental field, co-joined to open several practices, organize various conferences and strategic projects. 

However, I always felt there is something more to it. Therefore, having friends who are dinosaurs of this industry it was inevitable I would shift one day. Their constant traveling, negotiations and risk taking was something I would always crave. 

Despite that, where else could I find such a dynamic and challenging atmosphere that would keep me on my toes. Nothing is stable, that’s what I like about the industry. 

Q: Why have you chosen Gypsy Partners?

A: Since work plays a crucial part in my life it was not easy for me to find a place who would see my potential, challenge me and support my crazy ideas. At Gypsy Partners it all became possible! Not only I feel as a valuable unit, but probably found the first mentors in my life, which I am grateful for. 

Frankly, it was a hard choice to leave my comfort zone, thus for years I have been in search of a company that would listen to advice rather than give one. 

Now I can say that the risk has paid off a million times.

Q: How do you deal with competition? Do you have a strategy to stay competitive in the dynamic market?

A: Think outside the box and build meaningful connections. It is not always about FTD’s, but how we can help each other achieve them. There is a huge gap between affiliates and the product I am working to fill in. When I joined Gypsy partners and saw how strong our analytics department is, it was foolish of me not to try to figure out how to use this. 

By honestly caring for an affiliate, you will always succeed – we are in the same boat after all. 

Q: What is your strategy of entering new markets?

A: Here comes Gypsy expertise! Since we cover completely tier 1 countries with our soon to be 11 products we do indeed have a strategy that is more complex than you think. For instance: 

From the affiliate manager perspective, I would suggest staying aware of your partners’ presence. Why search for something new, if you already have it by hand. Simple question “what goes do you work in” makes half the job. 

Be aware of competitors and do not repeat the same mistakes, sometimes there is no need to build a bike. 

Think like your audience, seek feedback, at the end of the day we all know someone from abroad who could share the feedback on how they search for online gaming experience. 

From the product perspective, it is more complex. Not only do we run our multilayered tests to ensure that the product is ready, but also ensure proportional spread of traffic sources across the product to ensure it compliments each other’s performance. In simple words: if you are not listed on SEO websites, why would you think a player will choose you via sponsored ads?

Adjust retention accordingly, the draft does not work for all. At Gypsy I bow my head in front of our retention team who finds the way to keep the players entertained. Not only do they adjust the sequences accordingly to the markets, but occasionally to the partners themselves (this feature is used by me quite often). 

Q: Who would you say is the perfect candidate for the affiliate management position? 

A: If you manage to keep the coffee in one hand, texting on your phone in the other, whilst being on the video call –  this position should intrigue you. 

But if you are capable of constantly adapting and thinking straight when it’s a fire season – this position is for you. For all of those who dreamt to be a firefighter – affiliate management is the place to be. 

Q: What companies have to take into consideration to keep top performers?

A: There are many aspects of motivation, some intrinsic, some extrinsic. Personally, I believe the perfect recipe is a dash of respect, a drop of acknowledgement, a spoon of challenge and a handful of perspectives.

At the end of the day, we all want to be respected, acknowledged, challenged and see perspective, am I wrong? 

Q: Do you have core values that you seek in partners?

A: Honesty, transparency and professionalism. 

With current competition on the market with Google having its own moon phases, I seek scaling with partners who honestly put effort, work transparently and stay professional. For such partners I would go an extra mile, have all set and ready, share analytics, boost retention and create extra bonuses. Wherever helps them to optimize – I am here to help. 

With such clients we can build a win-win partnership, stay together through ups and downs with both statistical and financial support. 

Q: What would be your tips on finding the best publishers?

A: Use all tools available on the market, be up to date with the market swings and try to get hold of the clients who always find the way to grasp a piece of the market you are targeting. 

Despite Humble, Ahrefs, Deepci, there are various groups that you can acquire feedback from. The faster you get the contact, the better it is. I like that our team shares information freely and helps each other to achieve mutual success! 

Q: How do you ensure to get the best positions and deals among affiliates? 

A: Be transparent and reasonable. Of course some of the companies bid the price unreasonably high, but professional teams will always negotiate the price down if you show them the clear picture. Use ROI and market averages as an example when negotiating the CPA, as well as, be honest with the current conversion on the project. There is always a spot for a test to find the best option available for both sides. 

Q: Are there any support you provide to your affiliates to increase efficiency?  

A: As mentioned previously we have various sources that could scale partnership to another level. Bonuses, analytics, retention, custom landings – you name it, we have it all! 

Q: What are your professional plans for the upcoming year?

A: Survive! To be honest my plan is to find the most efficient way of how our internal analytics data can be integrated to affiliates to reach new heights.

Thank you for joining us, Peter! It’s been enlightening to learn about your approach to affiliate management and the strategies you use to stay ahead in the competitive iGaming market.

Stay tuned for the latest gambling news and updates from the world of iGaming.

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